Richmond Addiction Services Society

Support RASS

Support RASS

Contact RASS anytime with questions or feedback as we are always working to offer the best programming for Richmond families.

  • Monday-Friday
    (except Wednesday)
  • 604.270.9220
    105 - 8080 Anderson Rd
    Richmond BC,  V6Y 0J5

CATS Program focus for students is three-fold:

  1. To learn how to make thoughtful, process-oriented decisions;
  2. To better understand their own level of use or misuse of drugs, alcohol, gambling or other addictive behaviours;
  3. To learn skills and increase their knowledge base with regards to coping and addictive behaviours. 

The program is based on a 3-day schedule and runs from 830am-12pm three days a week at Richmond Addiction Services.

Depending on the reasons for attendance, the student may or may not be allowed back in the school during the CATS program.

Students can be referred to the program 2 ways:

  1. Violation of the drug and alcohol policy within the Richmond School District (SD #38); 
  2. Attendance supported by the school administration, school counsellors as well as the parents and student for a more therapeutic intervention.
Service starts with an initial phone call to 604-270-9220. Our staff will gather information to determine which of our services are appropriate, or if a referral to detox, residential treatment, recovery and/or other community resources is necessary.